Monday, January 31, 2011

a girl shouldn't have to wait by the phone

It has been 10 days since we made the trip to Ottawa.
Our references have tipped us off that they have been called and our adventure clock is ticking. I'm not a fan of having to keep our plans under wraps, but we don't really want to spill the beans at work and find ourselves in a jobless situation (although I am sure M is on the brink of telling them where to shove it). In the meantime all I have is blogs of the northern persuasion to live vicariously through.

Our interviews went very well. We left with a "you'll be hearing from us" so I am confident we are not playing the waiting game for nothing.  I'll just sit here on my big orange couch and "make lists" and get rid of things that I have been holding on to way too long.  

Fingers crossed,